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Audio/Video Transfer

DVD Slideshows

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Lifesize Cutouts & Removable Cutouts

Passport Photos

Photo Gifts

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Custom Mats

Holiday Cards

Metal Art

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While many options can be ordered online through the above links we understand your project may not conform to predetermined sizes and costs. If this is the case, please read the info below and if it applies, request an invitation to our Dropbox.


This option should only be used for in-between sizes, alternate file formats or large quantities (100 or more). For standard sizes, please use our online ordering solution. Do NOT use this method when ordering 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc


Our file upload service is the best way to upload irregularly sized and very large files. Just follow the instructions below to upload your files. It does not require any credit card information.


PC and Mac compatible

All images must be

RGB - no grayscale or CMYK

sRGB color space

if image - Standard jpeg - not progressive

8 bit

File types accepted: jpg, tif, psd, ppt, pdf eps, zip


Email to request access. Please note that the request can only be approved during store hours, but once you're connected you can upload at any time.

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