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We will make every effort to insure that all images are scanned to perfection.


We can help you preserve your photographs, your child's drawings*, your diplomas, contracts or anything else you would like to have in a digital format. If it's flat, bring it in and we'll scan it for you. Oversized items can be scanned in multiparts or digitally photographed.


Slides & film (strips or rolls) including medium format & even odd-sized negatives or positives can be scanned to CD/DVD at professional quality with our new scanners with the latest technology. These scanners record detail never seen before. We offer several packages to choose from depending on your intended use and quantity pricing applies.


Professional photographer scans: Scans up to 4000DPI, no cropping or color adjustment so that you can make all desired changes


Standard preservation scans: standard resolution scans of 1500DPI allowing printing of images up to 8 inches wide at normal quality, 5 inches wide at ideal quality, rotating, cropping and minor color adjustments included. Upgrade this package to high resolution for 20 cents more per slide or frame.


Digitization scans: standard resolution with no cropping, rotating or color adjustment. Upgrade any package to Gold Archival CDs or DVDs for a small additional charge per disc.

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