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lifesize cutouts and removeable cutouts available at Techlab Photo


Lifesize Photo Cutouts

Want to greet party guests without having to actually shake hands? Use a lifesize photo cutout! We will take one of your photos and print it lifesize* and make it into a stand-up version of you! Or your bike, your pet, whatever you want to use!


Tradeshows, festivals, parties and more are easier when you can be in two places at once! Use it for your business, use it for weddings and other events or just use it for fun. Prop one up in your house while you're gone to give it the look that someone's home! While you're at it, make one of the dog and have them guard your home or office!


A high resolution file (not saved off a web site) will work the best with a head-to-toe view so we can get the entire body in the cutout. Some contrast is preferred just around the body so we know exactly where to cut, but we can work with the photo you give us.


Removable Photo Cutouts

Photo cutouts are printed on removable PhotoTex, which is an adhesive-back fabric that sticks to any non-porous flat surface and removes easily with no residue. This means you can reposition your sports photo, horse picture, or whatever without damaging the walls. You get to use your picture for ultimate personalization. This is a material you place on surfaces and is not a stand up cutout.


Price for removable photo cutouts based on square footage.


*lifesize can be relative! If you want to do a picture of your horse but don't want it 21 hands tall? We'll work with you. Want your car on the wall but slightly smaller? No problem. You tell us the height or width you want it to be and we'll work it out. Some sizes may be unavailable for standup cutouts, however due to balance.

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