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Photo scanning services available at Techlab Photo

Shoebox Scanning

Scans are at 300 ppi at the original print size and saved as JPEG files (TIFF available). These bulk scans are intended for archival purposes and no image enhancement is included. Prints are scanned as-is without spotting or dusting. Although we cannot guarantee it, we will make every effort to insure that all images are scanned in order and correctly oriented. Higher resolution available (600, 1200), with additional charges applied.


Photos for bulk scanning orders must be loose and unmounted, not in photo albums (we do offer a removal service for an additional charge), not torn or bent, no glue, staples, or post-it notes, and not smaller than wallet size of 2?? by 3?? inches or larger than 8"x 10". Mounted or thick photos, such as Polaroid and Kodak Instant Photos, will not feed through our automated equipment. These and other items that are too large or will not go through our equipment can be scanned in other ways but there is an additional charge. See associate for details.


Our shoebox special:

Buy one of our shoeboxes for $199 plus the cost of the box, take it home and fill it up. Bring it back and we scan everything above for you. You are welcome to return the box for a refund of the box price (usually $6.95). We do require the use of our shoeboxes for this purpose. These boxes have a stated capacity of 1100 4x6 prints, though there is room for many more. The lid must close! Overflow should be in a different box, separately scanned, or "weeded out." A smaller version of this box is available for $149.


Non Shoebox Print Scans

For individual prints, we have multiple options. First, flatbed scans of all prints up to 11x17 by our digital professionals using our Epson Professional scanners. For prints larger than 11x17, we offer multipart scans and copystand/artwork photography.


35mm Slide & Negative Scanning - as low as $.50


Are your family memories gathering dust in your basement? Is Mom & Dad's slide projector broken and they don't know what to do with their carousels of slides? Slide & negative scans save those goodies from decades of deterioration.


Standard resolution scans (1500 PPI) allow for prints ideally between 5x7 and 8x10 and good prints up to 8x12. Web viewing, emailing and Facebook uploads are great at this resolution as well.


High resolution (2400 PPI) are available for archiving your entire collection or just a few that you treasure over all others. These can be made into large prints as well.


Our highest resolution is 4000 PPI.


For slides, bring carousels, sleeves, or rubber banded slides. Those in metal or glass mounts or any other impediment will incur additional handling fee. For negatives, note that strips must be in no less than 2 frames per strip and that we must scan entire strip. You are welcome to cut down your own strips to two or more. Full roll scanning available as well.


We are able to scan film of many types including medium (120 / 220) and large format 4x5 & 8x10, color, black and white and slide (E-6)


Medium and Large Format Scanning

Medium format scans are scanned on our Nikon Coolscan 9000 which, like the 5000 for 35mm gives great detail and offers high resolution scans. Color, black and white or slide.


Large format scans are scanned on our Epson Professional 10000XL which can scan up to 11x17 prints as well as 4x5, 8x10 and odd sized medium format negatives or positives.



So come on in, Maryland! Before it's too late!

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